Fun Drink Coasters, Gifts, 4" Wide, No Sliding on Tables and No Sticking to Drink Bottoms

$6.95 USD

Fun Drink Coasters, Gifts, 4″ Wide, No Sliding on Tables and No Sticking to Drink Bottoms

$6.95 USD

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Designed in California. Made in China.

  • These chivalrous coaster faces thought they were here to heroically save table tops from water rings. They ended up whining about their own faces instead!
  • There are 6 distinct coaster faces in each box. Each box is high quality colorful and glossy packaging excellent for gifts.
  • Each coaster is made of high quality long lasting strong silicone. We put a ridge ring around each coaster to contain small spills. The raised graphics help prevent the coaster faces from sticking to the bottom of drink.
  • You can dishwasher torture them and they will come out just fine and as always annoyed and whining. Or you can give them a cold shower under running tap water and they will clean well too.
  • Enjoying a beverage outside? Flip any coaster over to use as cover to keep your drink warm or as protection against those pesky bugs. The soft rubber like material seals the top of a cup very well and is heavy enough not to fly off in the wind.
  • Having a party? Give each guest a different coaster to help them remember which glass is theirs. No one wants cooties! The soda friends get their set and the juice lover friends get theirs and so on. Yes, you will need to buy a lot.
  • Excellent gift idea.

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Six drink coaster friends formed a task force calling themselves the COASTER FACES! Their mission is to save every table top from the dreaded water rings. What they did not realize, is that their missions involved using their Faces! You can only imagine the whining. The drink coaster are made of premium semi-soft silicone rubber for a bit of rigidity. These coasters won’t slide over the table and they won’t stick to the bottom of your drinks. Each coaster face has a raised edge ring that helps contain some small spills and the graphics are raised a millimeter or so to make sure there will be no sticking of coasters to the bottom of drinks.

The coasters arrive in a glossy full color box (pictured) with the coaster images on the front of the box and their story on the back. Give each guest a different coaster to remember their drinks. These are also heavy enough and rubbery to be used as drink covers to keep warm drinks warm and will not fly off in the wind.

These beverage coasters are of excellent quality and will not disappoint as a gift for your family, friends or colleagues.

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Weight 0.7 oz
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 4 in


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