Car Aroma Diffuser, Unique Coyote Design

$6.95$8.95 USD

Car Aroma Diffuser Cayote - 1.18" and 1.5" diameter
Car Aroma Diffuser Cayote - 1.18" and 1.5" diameter
Car Aroma Diffuser Yellow Felt Open - 1.18 inch diameter
Car Aroma Diffuser Felt Inserts - 1.18 inch diameter
Car Aroma Diffuser Carrying Pouch
Car Aroma Diffuser Coyote Front - 1.18" diamater
Car Aroma Diffuser Back
Car Aroma Diffuser Coyote Open - 1.18 inch diameter

Car Aroma Diffuser, Unique Coyote Design

$6.95$8.95 USD

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  • Available in two sizes 1.18″ and 1.5″ diameters.
  • Includes 6 colorful high quality felt inserts.
  • Includes 1 black velvet carrying pouch.
  • Made with beautiful and shiny stainless steel.
  • Strong magnetic latch securely holds the aroma diffuser closed.


  • Just add two to three drops of essential oils to one of the colored felt inserts and put it inside the diffuser.
  • As shown in the product photos, each diffuser can be opened enough to allow for the felt insert to fit inside. Do not force the door open beyond its limits.
  • We recommend clipping your aroma diffuser to your car's center console vent. Any vent will do however the center vents on most vehicles tend to be open letting in some air even when the fans are off.
  • Aromas are released by the air flowing through the back and exiting from the front. Some diffuser release aromas faster or slower than others depending on their design pattern as stated in the description section above.
  • The felt inserts are washable. Just rinse them for few seconds under running water. Treat them gently during washing. Do not use scrubbing or too much pressure else you will tear the fibers out.
  • There are six multi-color inserts included with each purchase of this diffuser. All inserts have the same performance. Some diffusers reveal more of the felt insert's color than others. So if colors do matter in your case, you'll have some choices with the multi colored felt inserts.

Please note that the Essential Oils are not included with the purchase of this product.
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This durable Stainless Steal car aroma diffuser is a Coyote. Honestly it looks a little terrifying. It’s great though if you’re the fearless type. Available in two sizes; 1.18″ and 1.5″ diameters and includes six multi color washable felt inserts and a carrying velvet pouch to hold everything together. Just add two drops of your favorite essential oil and clip this aroma diffuser to your car’s center console air vent and ease your stressful long commutes. Make your own statement with this diffuser and show you are the fearless type.

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Weight 1.4 oz
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 2 in

1.5", 1.18"


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